The Complete Ship Investment Analysis Solution

The ultimate power spreadsheet for shipping professionals. Target ship valuations in seconds with over fify input control options. Goal seek results with unparalelled detail. ShipCalc2010 is a design breakthrough with an intergrated “Outlook®” styled UI and dynamic dashboard architecture. ShipCalc2010 leverages the power of  Excel and Office and transforms your desktop into the ultimate ship finance and investment workstation.

Powerful Algorthyms, Goal Seek Results

Value your ship, price a purchase, analyize financing scenarios, take the power of ShipCalc2010 to the bank. Goal seek and find the solution. ShipCalc2010 calculates the exact price you need, top down or bottom up, with trusted results.  Take the complexity and stress out of your ship valuation and finance solutions. Price your finance scenarios quickly and easily, and make the right decision every time.

Innovative Dashboard UI – Full 360 Degree View

Get the big picture – target over fifty dynamic dashboards and customizable charts in the Dashboard UI. Spend time targeting data, not scrolling and tabbing through worksheets. Audit changes in real time and see results, goal seek solutions, and manage your finance options. ShipCalc2010 is the total solution. See for yourself how the ShipCalc 2010 UI revolutionizes the way you work with Excel.

Universally Compatiable in all Languages

ShipCalc2010 is universally compatiable with all languages supported by Microsoft. If you own Microsoft Excel 2010, ShipCalc2010 plugs right in. Share projects with investors in any language, in any market. Promote projects across Europe, Asia, South America, North America, the Middle East or anywhere Excel and Office are sold.



Office Reporting, Optimize Results

Nothing is more important then the final impression, and there is no easier and professional way to do it than with Microsoft Office 2010. Style and print detailed, personalized reports from Excel, Word, PowerPoint & Publisher.  Print to PDF and post it on the Web, your data will look as good as the results. Save time and make money with ShipCalc 2010, and leverage the power of your Microsoft Office investment.