• ShipCalc2010 is an installed add-in for Microsoft Excel that turns any desktop or tablet into a complete ship investment analysis workstation.
  • ShipCalc2010 is  universally compatible with all computers running Windows 7+ and Excel 2010. (All languages supported by Microsoft) (Windows 8 ready)
  • Specially designed ShipCalc workbooks work exclusively with ShipCalc2010 add-in installed licensed computers.
  • ShipCalc2010 has a competitive license model, so you don’t need a corporate budget to manage the most sophisticated ship investment software product on the market.
  • Share ShipCalc workbooks with other licensed computers and use one complete, common investment platform.

ShipCalc2010 Summary

  • ShipCalc2010 answers the basic question. “Whats a ship worth?”  Using the markets most  sophisticated finance model.  It tells you what price you need to buy or sell in seconds.

ShipCalc2010 License Model

  • The ShipCalc2010 Add-in is a free download which turns on and off with a simple click in the Excel options menu.  You simply buy a license on-line, paste the license key, and open any ShipCalc workbook for the period of the license.
  • Since a licensed ShipCalc2010 computer can open any ShipCalc workbook, you can share your projects in the office or on the road, and the license periods are non consecutive, so your workbooks are never obsolete.