Business Intelligence

  • Price your ship to market quickly and accurately. Powerful algorithms tell you what price to buy or sell.
  • Goal seek every financial metric in real time with audited results.
  • ShipCalc2010 covers it all, top down or bottom up, in a dynamic and easy to use Outlook style UI.


  • Quickly find and compare the important financial metrics between investments. Every detail is covered for exact risk and reward analysis.
  • ShipCalc’s dynamic dashboards pin-point results in clear snapshots, clearly defining all the crucial financial relationships.
  • Find out what you want make, and structure the financing to make it happen.

 The ShipCalc Advantage

  • Most companies spend tens of thousands of dollars building in-house spreadsheets that calculate basic financial metrics without serious consideration to a standardized UI or designing algorithms that leverage performance. Often one person can use it and everyone else gets a print out.
  • Current software products calculate linear, top down only financial metrics. They tell you what sale price you need down the road, but not what to pay today.  Reporting is stagnent, and still requires exporting to Excel for customization.
  • The revolutionary, easy to use Dashboard UI means you don’t have to rely on expensive personnel to do the work for you. Share workbooks on the network, or store them in the cloud.  Compare results, edit changes and make your argument on one complete and common platform.