File Sharing

  • ShipCalc2010 workbooks can be opened and used by any computer with a valid ShipCalc2010 license.
  • ShipCalc2010 workbooks will often be prevented from being e-mailed due to their size. With access to the web, users can open free cloud storage accounts from vendors such as Microsoft and Google, and email links with download instructions to colleagues and clients, without the size restrictions.
  • The performance of ShipCalc2010 is most influenced by the computer’s RAM, and internal cache memory.
  • The larger the RAM storage the better the performance. A ShipCalc2010 report workbook is about 10 KB, or about the size of two open IE Explorer windows. A summary workbook is about 5 KB.
  • User customized workbooks will consume more RAM as charts, data and dashboards are created. Keep in mind the performance of the workbook is most effected by the number of charts not the number of data cells.
  • The user can control performance by customizing workbooks that contain more charts, for reporting, and less charts for financial auditing.
  • In each case adding more RAM will increase the performance regardless of the file size.ShipCalc2010 workbook security and protection.

ShipCalc2010 workbook security and protectionsample screens

  • ShipCalc2010 workbooks are password protected with the latest password encryption technologies and can only be opened by registered users with a valid license. They also include internal security checks, password audit coding, and Verisign signature security.
  • The  workbook sheets are protected to ensure the integrity of the data cells. Cells not containing data are not protected to allow the user to change text and language.
  • Chart sheets are not protected and can be customized by the user.
  • ShipCalc2010 workbooks downloaded from the website are signed and approved by Verisign, protected and certified safe.
  • ShipCalc2010 workbooks downloaded from untrustworthy third party sources should always be virus scanned and audited by a ShipCalc2010 workbook downloaded directly.

Excel 2013

  • The ShipCalc2010 model is built with the coming Excel 2013 upgrades in mind. Future Excel enhancements such as one click cloud storage to Microsofts Sky Drive, and enhanced tablet functionality have been designed into the ShipCalc2010 architecture. Each license includes a free upgrade to Excel 2013 when it becomes available.