ShipCalc2010 License Model

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  • ShipCalc2010 license model provides optimal flexiablity to manage any budget, from single to multiple computers, with periods from one month to one year.
  • The ShipCalc2010 application is free download and adds a ShipCalc2010 tab to your Excel ribbon bar. Turn it on when you need it, and off when you don’t. It never expires, and the latest upgraded version is always freely available on the website.
  • You buy a license key which activates your computer to unlock and open ShipCalc workbooks. You decide which license best suits your budget and time horizon.
  • The license periods are non-consecutive so your ShipCalc2010 projects are never obsolete. Buy a new license, open the file, and pick up where you left off.
  • Share ShipCalc workbooks with colleagues in the office or on the road. Upload your latest deal for instant management review, or download your colleagues latest project update. With access to the internet any project is within reach.
  • Customize an unlimited number of workbooks. Target any audience with your own professional touch.
  • Customized ShipCalc workbooks print the same highly effective analysis everytime, with one click.
  • Create templates in other Office products like Word, Power Point and Publisher.
  • Custom design faxes, business summaries, a private placement, and more.
  • Populate your templates with copy and paste simplicity right from the ShipCalc workbook.