Office Reporting

Getting to the point is what Excel and Office do best. Find the solution with ShipCalc2010 and get your project to investors, banks and colleagues quickly and professionally.

Summary Highlights

  • Choose from a selection of pre-formatted reports – ready to go out of the box.
  • Design and build your own reports with copy and paste simplicity. Creativity is your only limitation.
  • Avoid exporting data files, or importing data into another Excel template.
  • One click PDF printing ensures universal compatibility. Post it on the Web for international distribution.
  • Personalized reports are always ready to print. Format it once, and its ready to go – every time.
  • Store workbooks on the server, or in the cloud, Share your work with other licensed ShipCalc2010 users.
  • Seamlessly integrates with the other Office2010 products – Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook and One Note.
  • Excel and the Microsoft Office Suite are compatable with thousands of third party programs for an unlimited range of reporting options.