ShipCalc2010 Program Download and Install Instructions

To access the ShipCalc2010 application download, including a (5) day trial version workbook, please register and log in with your user name and password. If you have not registered, navigate to the top right corner, and click “Register.” There is no registration fee.

ShipCalc2010 Version 1.1 (Free Download)

Includes a (5) day price restricted version of a US Dollar/10 Year Project workbook.
The minimum System Requirements are Windows 7 & Excel 2010 or later.

Install Instructions.

  1. Clicking the download will automatically send you to the Application Download page.
  2. The installation will place a ShipCalc2010 tab on the  Excel 2010 ribbon bar. This tab can be shown or hidden from Excels File Menu.  Excel>File>Excel Options>Add-Ins>COM Add-Ins>(check or uncheck ShipCalc2010 add-in)
  3. Once installed, buy a ShipCalc 2010 license and  paste your license key in the pull down activation menu. Your license key will activate your computer for the period of the license.
  4. ShipCalc2010 workbooks can be downloaded at

ShipCalc2010 application downloads automatically update any previously installed versions, so your always update to date with the latest upgrades at no additional cost.