Support Policy

  • ShipCalc2010 supports logistical issues related to the programs operational functionality, such as add-in installation, and the operation of the ShipCalc2010 ribbon and finance controls.
  • Support issues must be registered on the on-line support form and include a valid license key.
  • Corporate license support issues must be registered by the system administrator who will represent the primary contact for the corporate account.
  • Registered issues will be reviewed for compliance and will recieve an e-mail response within approximately 24 hours.
  • ShipCalc2010 offers an automated Support Line to record issue updates. This option is offered to users who have registered their issue on line and require further assistance.
  • Automated Support Telephone line can be reached by calling our main number at 888-440-9333 and selecting Support option, or directly to 203-303-7380.
  • Issues not resolved by e-mail will be elevated to telephone support.
  • Support is offered for the length of the license period.


  • Support does not include issues pertaining to the functionality of Excel 2010, or  issues relating to the integration of Excel2010 and Office2010 together or separately.
  • ShipCalc2010 does not support questions pertaining to the financial results or business logic. These issues are detailed in the User Guides, as well as the trial workbook, and should be reviewed before purchase.