Dashboard Interface

  • ShipCalc2010 employs a unique Outlook® style UI to manage over fifty dynamic dashboards and charts in the Excel® master view. Easily find the important financial relationships, top down or bottom up.

DashBoard Manager

  • ShipCalc2010 dashboard icons target a unique data “snapshot”, eliminating constant scrolling or tabbing through worksheets.
  • Incredibly fast and efficient. Provides a “true” goal seek solution.
  • Build your own dashboards and reports with copy and paste simplicity.

Finance Manager

  • Over fifty spin option finance controls.
  • Instant Price/Irr/Mirr/Npv calculation on each control.
  • Complete analysis, top down or bottom up.
  • Includes Audit dashboards for total accuracy.

Master View

  • The Master View can be adjusted to any size monitor.
  • Personalize the size and position of the control panels to fit a laptop, a large screen monitor or projector.
  • Scale up for a Power Point presentation or scale down for a road trip with the laptop.
  • The ShipCalc2010 UI gives you maximum flexibility to structure and customize your data.